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Q: Where are you located?

A: I’m a wedding photographer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I love to travel and I’m available for weddings worldwide.

Q. Do you travel?

A: Yes! I travel basically everywhere because this gives me the opportunity to photograph new places all the time making every experience unique. 

Q. Should we meet?

A. Absolutely! we love meeting our clients so we can show you our albums in person and get to know you face to face. Photos on computer screens doesn't do the images justice! We are available during a few evenings a week. We are happy to skype if meeting is not an option.

Q. What is the best way to contact you?

A. We respond best by email. Please use our contact form on our website for inquiries. That way you are in our system and we can respond to you faster with the proper information.

Q: Do you travel for Destination Weddings?

A: Yes! I love destination weddings. You can find out more about by email for a customized quote

Q: Travel can be expensive to some destinations. Do you offer special rates for destination weddings?

A: Yes- for some destinations. I offer complimentary wedding day coverage for the following destinations: Europe, Australia, South Pacific, Maldives, Thailand, Bali and a few other places. All you have to do is get me there! Please email for my travel rates for these destinations. If you’re having a wedding somewhere else you can contact me for a customized quote.

Q: How can I book your for our wedding?

A: A signed contract and a 30% non refundable retainer fee is required to book your wedding date. Once those two things are finished your date is officially booked and added to my wedding calendar.


Q: Can you hold the date while we we decide?

A: No, unfortunately I don’t hold dates without the contract and retainer fee. If another couple inquires while your are deciding I will contact you to see if you are still interested in booking prior to meeting with them.


Q: Will you be photographing our wedding?

A: Yes! Most collections offer two photographer and you would be having the twin come and rock this wedding with you guys!

Q: Do you do videography too?

A: For the past two - three years now we have started to incorporate video into our work. If you have any questions in this regard don't hesitate to contact us!

Q: Do you edit all of our photos?

A: Yes. Editing includes colour correction, exposure adjustments, and tonal adjustments to reflect my style. The photos you receive will look similar to the photos you see on my blog/website. Retouching is not included (photoshopping face/body/objects etc) is not included. If this is something that is important to you it can be done for an additional charge.


Q: Do you give out the RAW files?

A: No.


Q: Do you shoot elopements and small weddings?

A: Yes! Intimate weddings are my favourite! Packages smaller than 6 hours are available during the week Monday-Thursday (not including stat holidays) and between October-April. Please contact me for more information.

Q: We’re not sure how much time we need for photos throughout the day. Will you help us with our timeline? 

A: Of course! I’m here to help throughout the process. I send all of my couples a wedding timeline guideline to assist them with planning the timeline.


Q: What will we do if it rains?


A: If you live in Vancouver, you know it rains a lot and even in the middle of summer. I strongly recommend all couples have an indoor or covered/tented venue backup plan. That being said I've shot a wedding in the rain! We had a blast! We usually still end up shooting some portraits outside. Clear or white umbrellas work the best in photos because they don’t create weird colour casts on faces. Gumboots under a wedding dress outside can also be helpful if it’s raining a lot or if there are puddles.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me! I'm also happy to answer your question or even just to talk!

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