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Mark + Paul // Hills, Bc

Astrophotography, Stars
Night Sky in Hills, Bc

When Mark and Paul both told me they were flying in to go see Paul's family in the Kootenays, I just knew I had to drive out there! I just didn't know the drive would be so scenic. After 8h and 30 minutes we finally arrive to destination. Hills, Bc does not exist on google maps, I had to be redirected three times. haha. It was sunny and we had the most amazing of weather. It was one of the first times I actually also when for a swim in BC. I can confirm the water is freezing here even in July!

It felt really great to see old friends. It had been almost two years since I last saw them and this weekend showed that no matter how long it's been this type of friendship lasts forever! I can't believe it went by so quickly and I can't wait to see you guys sooner this time!

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