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Momo's family photography session at Deer Lake Park, Burnaby

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Last Wednesday we headed to Burnaby's Deer Lake Park. Every time I go to Deer Lake, there is never a crowd , just a few runners and some families playing at the swings. It offers such a beautiful sandbox to play in and around! Family moments are one for the most important things to capture. We all hear about how we all will look back on some of those great moments we spend with family. Learning, growing, being mad at one another, laughing and loving. Momo asked to bring along Megan's grandpa along for the ride, and when I was photographing them, it reminded me why it's truly important to capture these moments. The cute moment's I captured of Momo and her dad together showed me the love they have for one another.

This little session happened around the golden hour and yet Megan had all the energy in the world to run around. Deer Lake park was truly a perfect spot for their family session. Since they lived in Burnaby it was a no brainer for me. Megan never stopped running around and jumping. We had such a great time together with a beautiful light. They had requested one special photo that they have been doing every year since Megan's birth which I just fell in love with! That's something so magical from them to have for all the years to come. We started with this pose before running around in the park.

I know I say this a lot and these family session remind me to say it even more but, it's so important to print our photographs. Our history is written but also is made in pictures. I remember going through my mom's living room chest (this thing was literally a massive wood pirate chest with leather and metal on all edges, it was our living room table) which was filled with pictures. There was countless photos aging from when she was a teenager to motherhood, all of the family growing up. It was so much fun going through them and pick out some of our favourites. Ask me and I'll show you a photo where I looked exactly like my mom! Seriously, especially when I had that "long hair faze". All laughing aside just seeing the animals she had, the motorcycles she rode, seeing her at that young age. I could go on! Now in this digital age, I know none of my friends has those kinds of memories just waiting to be discovered later on. We have high hopes for those hard drives! That was my little rant. PRINT your pictures, don't do it for you but for the generations to come!

Moms's Family photography session

This was the special pose they do every year around Megan's birthday

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