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Small Recap of this year!

It's been a while internet. I was looking at our last post and I do have to apologies. I wrote that one a year ago and some months! Here's a few images giving you an idea of everything that happened in our wedding world. A ton of Indian Weddings. I have to say they are a ton of fun even with the amount of work! Having Week long weddings, I get to really know everyone's family.

I was trying to figure out how many wedding we ended up photographing and since we teamed up with Vissare Media Group - we probably photographed 58 beautiful couples and still have one more in December! We'll definitely try and make more blogs to show case more of our work to you guys.

Here's a few I quickly found on my desktop when we are creating all the marketing images for the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival. It was our second Bridal Expo. I keep forgetting we did a very small one in Murrayville Community Memorial Hall in 2018. I think it was a stormy day and 35 people showed up... This new experience was definitely more interesting and got to meet a ton of people. It was nice to meet some people who were already following up on Instagram too!

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