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Tara's had her first birthday! Documenting the first milestone.

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Life moves so quickly. I hear all about those sleepless nights. Life revolving all around little Tara and leaving little time for capturing all those moments coming and going. A very crazy first year becoming a mother and things don't always go according to plans. Documenting the milestones is so important. When Sam mentioned that on Monday she noticed no one had taken a single image of Tara by herself, I just knew what she meant.

Since we live in Vancouver, indoor sessions are always great. We all get to relax and there's nothing to be worried about, only focusing on enjoying family time together and let cute moments come. Right when I walked in the door - Sam and Saeed were so welcoming. Tara had just woken up from her nap and was all ready to run and greet me as well. They were such an ideal image of cute parents and showed me just how adorable they were all together. We played around and Tara just kept laughing throughout the whole session.

These sessions are definitely not about posing. I love seeing how family interact together with only a few guidance. Anticipating exactly how newborns will react and what their next move is, that makes me enjoy these moment spent with families.

Vancouver Family Photography

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