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Storytelling Through Our Lenses

From a very young age, I fell in love with photography and how a single image could change the world. It's an enormous world out there just waiting to be explored. Ever since I began to use photography as a way to be a storyteller and share amazing, epic stories of the people I met, I just knew I wanted to catch light in a unique way and perfect moments. I was able to bring out those people and magnificent wonders to life in a photograph. My main goal is always to keep perfecting my craft. But most importantly, to tell stories, capture what is most essential to you. Knowing that life is short and the world moves very quickly, I want to capture and create memories for everyone to cherish. My favourite examples are photographs of me and my family. Go ahead and look through my work, at what I've done, where I’ve been. Most importantly envision what we could do for you. 

Destination Wedding Vancouver

Twinography Studio

Capturing your moments.

Twins rocking the wedding scene

This paragraph introduces your two very lovable and charming twins. From day one they were inseparable and to this day still do everything together. Having both studied graphic design and followed their hearts into photography. “There’s just nothing that compares with working with the happiest people in the world” Jeremy once said about describing his line of work. “Open bar is always a very interesting icebreaker” was another one. Part-time comedian, part-time romantics they seek to find the story at every moment they capture.



Hailing from Montreal, Qc, they’ve travelled in almost every corner of Canada and the US. Now, residents of British Columbia, they find exciting ways of making art as vibrate as they are. Olivier and Jeremy have a knack for throwing a party and getting at the heart of it all. Where ever they go a camera dangles around them and the flashes go off.

Just remember to breathe, smile, act normal, pose your head slightly forward as if a hook grabbed you from the top of your head, now don’t blink, tilt your head slightly right, breath, act normal, and smile. Click click.

Welcome to Twinography Studio.


Don't take our word for it, Hear it from them!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Olivier to anyone looking for a creative and talented photographer. This comes naturally to Olivier and it was such a pleasure to have him capture my family’s moment in time. My kids even had fun! Thanks Olivier!!!

~Stefani S. - Vancouver

Olivier has an eye for photography! He is really passionate and truly amazing at what he does! His photography is a piece of creative art and has the wow factor! He is very laid back, friendly, reliable and really fun!! We are very lucky to have Olivier shoot our engagement shoot and we recommend him 100%

~Rose P. - Vancouver

Destination Wedding Florida

We Travel!

Florida, USA

We love people and photography! Let's hang out and transform your moments into art.

Destination Wedding Vancouver

Let's Party!

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