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Meet the Twins!


Can you guess who is Jeremy and who is Olivier?

We are Twinography Studio,

Our journey into the world of photography started with our mom, a painter with a camera in hand. Her spirit was as wild as her brushstrokes, capturing life’s moments. Picture this: a treasure chest overflowing with printed photos, albums piled high, each image a testament to our family’s legacy. Mama’s love for photography was contagious, and soon enough, my twin brother Jeremy and I were hooked.

Growing up in Montreal, a city buzzing with energy, we found our calling amidst the lively college party scene. With cameras in hand, we dove into the chaos, capturing the vibrant essence of those unforgettable nights. Our path shifted dramatically when I landed a job at Image Salon, where Jeremy soon joined me. Learning from top photographers like Daniel and Davina, we refined our craft, learning the intricacies of photography and editing.

Our journey took a thrilling turn when Jeremy decided to longboard across Canada to Vancouver, BC. Yes, you read that right—he longboarded! Naturally, he called me to join the adventure, telling me to leaving behind the familiar streets of Montreal for the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia. Vancouver became our new canvas, and our bond as brothers grew stronger with each escapade. 

Living in Vancouver has shaped us into the photographers we are today. We embrace a dark, moody style, always hunting for those raw, unfiltered moments of connection and emotion. Our passion drives us to create unique, unforgettable images that tell the true, untamed story of each couple we photograph.

We celebrate the rebels, the rule-breakers, and the lovers who dance to their own beat. Every love story is unique, and we’re here to capture it in all its glorious unpredictability. No matter your background, culture, or orientation, your story deserves to be told authentically. This isn’t just our job; it’s our passion, our adventure, and our life’s work. Every photograph we take is a testament to the wild beauty of life’s fleeting moments, captured forever with a playful and fearless click.

When you look back at your wedding album, we want you to feel the electric connection between the two of you and experience every heartfelt moment as if you were right back on the dance floor. We’re here to make you laugh, surprise you, and capture your most genuine moments in the most unexpected ways. Because life is too short to be anything but real, raw, and utterly unforgettable.

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