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Jones Lake Engagement/Pre-Wedding session

Harman and Alisha's wedding is quickly approaching. If you guys haven't been following us for a while I tend to shoot a lot with Vissare Media Group. So, there was no questions that everyone wanting to do a pre-wed session with them. I had been trying to figure out something completely different since we had already done a Winter Whistler session, a Golden ears Park session, a PNE session, a session in Browns (restaurant). All my options were either not available or just not in the right season. Them they came up with the idea to head out for a road trip to Banff thinking we were going to get beautiful colors in the lakes and water. They really wanted images with gorgeous waters and the mountain right behind them. To our surprise - while I did some research a day before leaving because we live in Vancouver, which goes against everywhere else in Canada, there was snow. All this snow put a massive stop to our adventures. Here we are in Vancouver, enjoying the sun, and the weather is getting warmer; cherry blossoms are out, and the rest of Canada is still sleeping in the cold.

At this point we were biting our nails, working our brains to find a new adventure to accomplish our ambitious engagement photoshoot. Being wedding photographer and videographer, we always feel like we need to push ourselves for our own families as we still need to prove to them - this is what we do. I was doing on and on with crazier and crazier idea and then Harman mentioned a easier and more realistic suggestion. Jones Lake! I had been there in 2018 and we could easily achieve what we wanted without a 16h drive.

Again thinking like Vancouverites, we thought Jones lake would have been thawed. That we would enjoy a nice, warm day at a lake. That was not the case. After our 2h drive we arrived to a frozen lake and cold winds. We did what any photographer would do. We decided to stay here and shoot! I love how everything turned out but I wish the sun would have stayed out for us a little longer.

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