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Kitsilano Beach Couple Sunset Session

One of my favourite beaches in Vancouver has to be Kitsilano Beach. Summers feels like it is finally here and this session with Abby, Martine and their fluffy Bougger was amazing. Watching the sunset with the waves coming in and seeing adorable love felt This must of been one of the first sunset I've really stayed and watched this summer since the pandemic.

Here is a little general photography tip, I always plan my session no matter if this is a couple, engagement, portrait or family session. I love to meet 45min to 30 min before sunset, this allows us to get comfortable together and get rid of the nervous feeling of being in front of the camera just before the perfect time arrives. This ensures that I deliver to all my clients the same results over and over again. Beautiful artistic photographs. One of my favourite tricks to do in camera are double exposure.

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