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Linda and Branden's perfect summer wedding at Northview Country Golf Club

I first met Linda and Branden on Halloween last year for their engagement session which turned out just amazing. They were so fun to work with. They truly enjoyed being together. We had such a blast that when they called me at the beginning of this summer to photograph their wedding I was ecstatic! I mean have you seen the two of them, they are perfect together.

There's a calm, collected cool about Brandon, and within minutes after meeting him, a warm and loving side comes out. Laughter emerges as Jeremy the Father, and Jeremy, the photographer, kept answering to "the name."

The girls rushing in the morning and mom trying to help out in every little way, while step-dad is watching old western movies on the tv, reminds us that we are almost ready to "return to normal". While we are stilling wearing our mask as photographers, seeing families and friends gathered and be joyful together feels like a step forward.

The forecast kept calling for rain, but the sky opened up and allowed the mountains to shine. The family gathered around as we led the couple to their first look. Brandon stood stoic and anticipating his beautiful bride to be. Following the path to a small bridge over water fountains and lily-pads, the couple seeing each other for the first time is always heartfelt.

Family and friends gathered some for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Something the venue kept reminding us of as we kept our masks on and made sure tables remained seated at all times. For portraits and group photos.

While some places has allowed dancing, others have been a little more strict with it. We thought this was very amusing, instead of a first "dance", they did their first "performance" together!

We really lucked out with such beautiful couples and perfect weather. Once again congrats to Branden and Linda! Here's a little sneak peek.

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