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Megan and Jordan's wedding in Chilliwack, BC

Where to begin with this one. Megan and Jordan ( or should I say Jojo) was such a memorable one for the books. We met at the All Dressed in White Bridal show back in November and quickly connected afterwards. From our virtual meeting to finally meeting up for their engagement session on Grouse Mountain - they were just amazing to be around and very down to earth people. We had a riot together.

From seeing Megan around about getting ready and making sure everything was in order, Jordan quickly showing up to the house to grab the boutonniere. I felt like the wedding season was definitely back on. #funfact As a wedding photographer, I'll typically help out grooms and basically everyone put on the boutonniere properly so they'll stay on all day!

I had scouted this area a few weeks prior to their weddings day and looked at the suggestions they passed along and I noticed that Cultus Lake was only 10 min away - it seemed like the perfect spot for a first look. We did have some backup locations in case traffic was bad due to construction but with all my hoping Jojo called and told us he was ready!

One thing I still haven't mentioned was that we expected rain, heavy rain, non-stop rain all day. But, as I arrived at Megan's house the sky cleared up and we saw some blue sky! While I was getting all the shots, it still looked good. Driving there, it was drizzling but when I got Megan out of the car, the sun came around the corner just to shine on this perfect couple.

Over the 200+ weddings I've photographed, I can surely say, Jojo's niece had one of the greatest speeches I've ever heard. I think she made everyone laugh with all her anecdotes about them growing up together almost as brother and sister. Btw he's niece is 13!!! I'll remember this one for a long time!

Right before I left I knew I wanted to try out this champagne popping image so I brought them a little surprise for being adventurous with me and just being awesome. Congrats Megan and Jordan again!

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