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Carolyn + Daniel // Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, Bc

Teaching how to capture authentic human love. Getting the perfect moments is more than hoping to click at the right time. Carolyn and Daniel were an awesome couple that was down to join us for this session.

I was asked a few weeks ago now to teach a friend, Cary, some basics of photography and I thought this would be an awesome idea to help out a friend and see just how I did at communicating my knowledge to someone else. After I confirmed, it didn't take Cary too long to find a couple in Vancouver willing to do a photoshoot. After exchanging a few message about what they wanted I told them that this was a teaching session and that I was mainly focused on teaching my friend, mainly because I wasn't sure how this would turn out. haha. After a few texts we went forward and scheduled a time and place, helped them a little with what to wear and jumped to it!

When I arrived at their house to meet them I actually really loved their entrance. It reminded me of home for some reason. The east coast has more of this architecture than the west coast maybe. It was so much fun to show someone how I interact with couples and how I guide them to achieve some really simple but candid moments without doing much. This was also a good teaching lesson for myself. It really helped me to describe what I did and what were the reasons behind it and not just because it looks pretty. haha.

After this quick session we moved only a few blocks away to the Queen Elizabeth park, where it seemed to be really busy! we had two wedding party waiting to get our spots.

All in all it was definitely a great experience and I believe he learned how I process from start to end a couple session and we made some new friends from this! I can't wait for you guys to invite us over now and talk more science and business together.

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