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Dreamy Winter Bride at Cypress mountain

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Winter is a perfect time for us photographers to go out and enjoy our craft, try new things and new areas. Maybe you've been there but still hadn't had a chance to shoot or the time of day was wrong. Right now is the perfect time to head out and see the endless possibilities. Cypress Mountain was one for me! I still haven't had a chance to photograph up on the mountain and I've always dreamed of a winter wedding on Cypress Mountain or Whistler. There's something magical about snow and weddings together that makes my heart fall in love with snow every time. I love the snow but just in the right places. Being from Montreal, Qc I had lived with it for years until I moved to Vancouver, BC. It's beautiful out here and the best thing about it was it rarely snows in town. You do have to drive an hour out of town to get it but I'm totally fine with that if it means I don't have to shovel my car out of a 6 feet snowbank.

Here's a bridal session we did on Cypress Mountain while it was snowing and busy! We saw that a lot of people also love the snow as much as we do. It was so hard to find a quiet spot for us to use. We ended up with some beautiful winter bride shot. Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below!

If you ever wanted to plan a winter wedding, please, don't hesitate to contact us and tell us all about it! We would love to be part of your awesome day.

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