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Claire + Cong Western After-Wedding Session at Fort Langley National Historic Site

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

This Summer I had met Claire + Cong at Pengfei + Daichi's Wedding. Only a few months afterwards they contacted me saying about how much they loved my work and they would love to have an after-wedding session. Claire mentioned that they got married a few years ago but never had a chance to get some images and had an interesting idea. Claire and Cong are super big fans of old Western movies and West World. If you haven't seen this sci-fi, I highly recommend it. I knew a few places that could fit the bill. We are pretty lucky in British Columbia, we have so many western towns, I'm talking about that old wooden architecture from 1800 and historical site that still stands and aren't only ghost towns because we also have a lot of those! Fort Langley was first on my list. Fort Langley National Historic site was a place I had seen online numerous times and seemed very interesting. I knew they would love this place.

We booked right on Thanksgiving day. All my family lives in different parts of Canada and this year we decided to celebrate it with friends. This was a great time to photograph at Fort Langley National Historic site since everyone would mostly be home, together with their family enjoying the holiday. After shooting several pictures we moved to the township and I showed them around town. They just let my creativity loose and wanted me to have a blast. They had really looked up on my work and knew they could trust me to do whatever idea I had in mind. It ended up being an amazing time together. Congrats again Claire and Cong!

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