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Jack and Keenan's gorgeous destination wedding.

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

A years' worth of planning came down to one day, a much-awaited one for Jack and Keenan. Border crossing can and remains mostly a long and exhausting time, more so on the Labour Day weekend. That being said, last year Jack asked If we could be their wedding photographers and I exploded with joy!

I couldn't be happier to photograph another photographers wedding. It was heartening knowing Jack loved the way I work and what I create since we have worked a few weddings in Vancouver together. Last fall, we had gone to Golden Ears Park to shoot their engagement, and that alone had been a magical time. Having gone through that experience with them, you can only imagine how excited I was for this day.

From the moment we had arrived, Jack and Keenan came to greet us and show us how beautiful Robert Mansion is!! Everything was perfect. This historic 1889 Victorian mansion is a museum of antiques. Their suite even had the original stained-glass window and had a hard time describing the beauty of a sunrise, when the sun's ray would spread an array of colours flooding the room. I could tell why these guys loved this mansion. Jack had mentioned a few time before my arrival how Robert Mansion was a photographer's dreams; everywhere we looked was a detail asking to be memorialized.

As we walked about, it was apparent how much work Jack and Keenan had putting everything together. The number of details we observed from the ceremony, to arch, to the welcoming table, to their reception tables was a delight to see. They put in so much work; they could barely sleep the night before!

As if we were not excited enough, Jack was eager to show us the wedding cake. Keenan's brother worked for a catering back in his days and made what can only be described as J&K's perfect rainbow layered cake. FYI it was also delicious! After a few mandatory breaks/nap to relax, they started getting ready in their magnolia suite. Jack was right; we had so much fun placing them in the colourful lights that came in from the stained glass and Victorian decor. We could have spent hours just in this room.

A few weeks before the wedding, Jack had invited Karla and me for dinner at Jack's place in surrey. After dinner, Jack and Keenan couldn't wait to share their vows with us and get some feedback, but they were perfect. I just knew after a few sentences; this was going to be a tear-jerker. I was not wrong! Their vows were spot on with the right amount of anecdotes and hilarious parts. "Thank you for swiping right!!!"

The whole evening was filled with adorable stories of how the two began introducing each other to friends and family. Everyone had an account of the time Keenan started talking about Jack, which led to an onslaught of Facebook stalking. "No, he's too perfect." came out of everyone's mouth. "He's too handsome." was another.

I get this feeling like I'm on repeat here at Twinography Studio, but this year so far has been truly incredible! I couldn't be luckier for all the fantastic couples I've photographed. Jack and Keenan are one for my books!! Congratulations to you both again and I'll be seeing you, Jack shortly for our next wedding together!

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