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My favorite Wedding of 2021

Guys! The year isn't over yet but last weekend most of been my favorite wedding. I am not saying this lightly. How could we begin describing this weekend's Wedding without gushing? Susie and Branden had planned for a big Montreal fun extravaganza, and even though Covid is still in the air and restrictions abound, we managed to do it in a fun and exciting way.

It felt as if we were back to normal.

It's not often that your favorite people get to Fly you back home and celebrate their day with you. We go way back with Susie, and seeing her all dressed up was phenomenal. I couldn't believe my eyes. We met Branden over skype, but he immediately became like family. Once I saw she was engaged to this handsome man, we had to come and photograph this. Wedding! I got so excited with all the details from the first zoom call. And we all understood why she had said "Yes." Both of them are geared towards each other and their goals. The chemistry was beautiful and authentic.

Max is a name commonly used in speeches, in conversations, and all around. When we finally got to meet Max, what could we say? He's a keeper.

To have all your friends and family together in a room after months of being deprived. Years of not seeing some of these faces for us. There are just no words to describe how wonderful this week has been. How truly heartwarming to have been there and to be a part of this big day for them!

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