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Noah & Samantha's San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

You know exactly when you and your couple fit together. I knew from the moment I met Noah and Samantha they were amazing laid back, fun-loving, and It only took a few moments for us to start laughing and having a good time. (you can see their whole engagement session and read about it here) Only a 2 weeks after Noah's romantic secret proposal, I received a surprise phone call saying how much they loved their photos and asking me to fly to San Francisco for their Civil wedding! This is why I love my job, destination weddings is what I thrive for. I believe it's an amazing experience when you know you can count on your photographer to document and create pieces of art wherever you go.

It was my first time actually flying to San Francisco, I had done my research and I was totally down for the unexpected! They had told me about the city hall and how magnificent it looks inside and couldn't wait to see what I would create there. I first met Samantha for her getting ready session. How to describe Samantha, always dancing, singing and laughing, exactly how I had met her a few weeks ago. Popped the champagne! She finalized her bouquet and sang into her dress. Then we finished getting ready and headed out for the first look.

I went ahead of everyone to met up with Noah to fine the perfect spot for their first look. In front of this massively beautiful church just around their home. As Noah stood there, I witness such a cute moment between them. He couldn't stop smiling all day from that point on. She twirled around him showing off her no-typical modern wedding attire, I loved it! We jumped on a cable car which was surprisingly empty, perfect for a few portraits while goofing around, and headed to city hall to meet the whole family and friends.

Their ceremony looked like it came straight out of a hollywood movie. Everything was perfect and I was blown away from the city hall. What a gorgeous hall. I didn't even know it was possible to get wed in one of these chambers at the Supreme court. We walked across the street and walked into this awesome room. This enormous mural made by Willard Dixon stood above everyone. It was an honour to just stand in one of these chambers.

Once the ceremony was done with beautiful vows, we headed to their special restaurant for a very intimate reception. It had a very old Gatsby look to it. Everyone kept on making this day just too adorable with meaningful sentiments towards both Noah and Samantha. I don't think I had seen so many people laughing all day as much as this wedding day! Then Noah surprising everyone as usual, brought in a mariachi band to sing. What I love about Noah and Samantha, is that they always seem to be enjoying every moment to it's fullest. They joined the band for a few songs and sang for each other. It was such an adorable moment and I felt lucky being there to be not only capturing these moments but being part of them as well. Then we danced the night away. I stayed the whole day and night with them. What I crazy ride that was. I had flown in from Vancouver arriving at San Fransisco at 6am, started my day walking around until I met up with them and went to bed the next day at 3am!

Congratulations Noah and Samantha! Thank you again for inviting me to San Fransisco. You guys were amazing! I feel totally blessed to have been there for you guys!

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