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Sonia + Roy's fairytale wedding at Club de Golf Carling Lake

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

After hearing of Sonia's wedding plans in Quebec, I never expected her day to be as beautiful and as she so-perfectly-said "fairytale-like" as it was. Around 3 am, I got woken up by the crazy rain storm that was passing by for the weekend. This rain made us think how different this day could have been. As Jeremy and I drove to Carling Lake, the skies opened up, allowing a glorious light to shine onto the lake.

Upon the front steps of the hotel, Roy was having his cereal and ready to greet us at this secluded hotel. Showing us around the 'lieu,' he guided us to see Sonia and the bridesmaid.

For those that don't know this, Sonia and I went to high school together and after what... 11 years, there were a few familiar faces in the crowd I hadn't seen since! It was unreal to reconnect and chat like those years of yesterday. Last November, I had driven all the way to Alberta to photograph their home-style engagement session, and little Océane was running all around me, but not today, guys! As I started documenting the day, she would stop crying every time I picked up one of my cameras. I would try sneaking away and photograph the other kids so that I may be able to get a few shots of her before she noticed, but not a second would go by, and tears would flow out. I have to say this was a first for me! Haha, Kids always find my ears funny or love the look of my eyes; I think, but never did I get someone who was scared of my camera like Océane was.

As wedding photographers, there's a moment when everyone withdraws from the room to leave you alone with the bride, in this case with Sonia, and she says, "I'm getting nervous, how am I going to say my vows without crying?" Tears of joy rolling down a cheek are my gold mine! But what I really say is "You will do a great job. We're all here for you, so go on one word at a time. Take as much time as you want." These unique and intimate moments remind us why we shoot weddings. Sonia walked down the aisle, Roy broke a smile, She continued staring at Roy with so much joy. The sun shone brightly over our heads as she nailed those vows and never paused. It was a sweet ceremony a gentle breeze reminding us what a hot summer day this was, but also how lucky we were to be here.

We walked around the perfect scenery and captured the two happiest people or should I say four, as Sonia is expecting twins- which is a hilarious coincidence since at the day of booking us she wasn't pregnant- and she stayed strong with all our demands! She even got down on the dance floor. I was surprised towards the end of this beautiful day, she still had this much strength. After a few heartwarming speeches and a surprising one from Sonia's cousins, we cut the cake and enjoyed the rest of the night!

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