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Tawney and Quintin's engagement on top Stawamus Chief, Squamish BC

Last week I met up with Tawney and Quintin for their engagement session at Stawamus Cheif in Squamish, BC. This was the kind of epic bucket list photo shoot I really wanted to do this summer, not especially this specific mountain but I just really wanted to have a fun and romantic mountain top session. When I suggested this idea of creating an adventurous engagement session they were both super excited about it.

This was our first "real" hike this year. Since the whole #stayhome, that's exactly what I did, stay home. They had both climbed the chief several times before. A super cute active young couple. I, on the other hand, have turned into a nice marshmallow over this pandemic and not realizing what I had signed myself up for. I highly recommend attempting to hike the Stawamus Chief, so many areas with waterfalls and views, I probably made them stop three to four times before reaching the top, not because of the scenery but I was dying the whole way up and I collapsed on the top while they didn't even break a sweat. It was hilarious, what an adventure this had become. I was a complete mess, my face completely wet from climbing with all the equipment, Tawney and Quintin, laughing and slowly strolled up the mountain like it was nothing. The idea and feeling of puking also made its presence halfway up. Seriously highly recommend the hike! Arriving at the top of the mountain, finally, achieve the goal we started our hiking photoshoot. GORGEOUS views and completely different from what I had seen on the Sea to Sky gondola, this was so much more impressive!

This year I've also started capturing some small video segments while shooting. This adventure photoshoot was so much fun directing and seeing what can be accomplished all within a real engagement session. I had a lot of plans for this year but I'm happy I was able to execute this idea and seeing the process feels great. Plus I finally climbed the Stawamus Chief after 4 years of living out here in British Columbia. This is definitely the most beautiful place on earth. Extremely lucky to have so much beauty surrounding us.

I am so excited to be capturing their adventurous elopement later on this year!

If you are looking for an epic adventurous photo session - Let's talk and start planning, you definitely will not regret it!!

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