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Taylor + Tyler, Shooting with Studio 22 in Ohio, USA

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Another Blog from 2018!! I swear Im catching up! This was such an amazing experience, I never would of dreamed of a wedding like this ad that why I totally love my job! When Megan from Studio 22 called asking if I was available to second shoot with her and never turn down that opportunity! Every time it's seriously the best wedding ever! If you haven't looked at her work, you better go take a look! In 2017, she came to Vancouver and asked me if there was anything cool around, little did she knew I had so many ideas, we had such a blast shooting together and creatively stepping up our game. When your both challenging one another, it isn't only amazingly fun for us photographers but the couple at the end of it all have amazing result. That's why I'll never turn down an opportunity to second shoot with some of my peers and gain new knowledge and show them a few new tricks ;)

Megan had flown me down to Ohio to surprise Tayler with having a second photographer. What I didn't expect was how they could of reacted to the forecast that was announced. The one question we hear most often as photographers is "What if it rains on my wedding day?". I was speechless, they showed me a whole new side of adventurous wedding couple and they completely embraced the rain! When it started raining on their wedding day, everyone was wondered if they would opt against their fairytale wedding in the woods at Canyon Run Ranch and create a plan B inside the barn. The planner were looking at us for approval. However, for Tayler and Tyler, it was a no-brainer, they weren't about to change it for anything. So when it rained...and kept on raining harder, they announced to everyone that they're sticking to the plan and whoever wanted to come play in the rain were welcomed! I was in awe of how magical everything was!

Right from the beginning of the day, as I had arrived at Tyler's house, he kept his crew at ease, everyone was joking around, It became apparent quickly why Tyler was fun -- his whole family was hilarious! We laughed throughout the day, joked and just had a connection as Megan and I celebrated alongside everyone, making sure we felt welcomed and part of their family. 

As we drove to Canyon Run Ranch I remember some of the groomsmen getting worried about the rain and asked would happen, and there, Tyler, still at easy and calm, told everyone if Taylor wants it outside, that's exactly what we'll do! We waited but when it came time to head to their ceremony, we jumped on the back of muddy 4-wheel drive Gators, and made our way through the fields, back to a wooded area you had to know was there. When we arrived unsure, we followed a few signs and guests who braved the weather, and we immediately knew why Taylor + Tyler loved Canyon Run Ranch and this ceremonial space. It was drop-dead gorgeous to say the least! There was this big open space with the most impressive archway I'd ever seen, decorated with fresh flowers, a canopy overhead to block most the rain. It was truly fantastic, as a photographer to witness such awesomeness from a couple and with true beauty, it happens only just a few times. Their ceremony was just as awesome, as they exchanged vows they'd written themselves.

After the ceremony, we wandered Canyon Run Ranch's beautiful grounds. We kept one of the Gators and just drove around, stopping at sights we thought were best. It was a place were you could easily get lost for hours. Beautiful forests, fields with little yellow flowers, streams running alongside, and a beautiful crazy sky above! Once everyone had enough fun in the rain, which, surprisingly I didn't feel as wet as I thought I'd be! We drove the Gator but to the reception, where they were greeted with cheers, toasts, and a rowdy dance party exactly like how we like them! 

There's nothing like a wedding day, since it only happens once, and making sure it's perfect is everyone's priority. But to witness how everything unfolded for these two and to celebrate and embrace every moment -- even the rain -- was such a wonder and satisfaction, and it was an honor to capture their wedding day with Magen. Tyler + Taylor, thank you. And Megan, Thank you for bringing me along for the ride, and I wish Tyler + Tayler all the best!

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