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Why Cherry Blossom season is perfect for Couple Sessions at Coal Harbour

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

What is there more to say about the COVID-19 situation, this has been some of the hardest times for a lot of people and continues to be a growing concern but we are making way, we are still here and it is a time for us all to embrace those close to us, especially our partner in crime. There hasn’t been a time where I have been on a video call with my family as much as these past two weeks, since moving to Vancouver, which is refreshing.

Is it me, or is it because of the social distancing and #stayhome procedures going on everywhere that through our windows the sun shines brighter and the green looks greener? Or is that just spring? Every day I look out my window, I wish I could be out doing something. Now with Weddings being pushed back, family sessions being rescheduled, we should be finding ways to enjoy the great indoors.

That being said, I did have time to enjoy the Cherry blossom season before it disappeared. Cheery Blossoms have to be one of my favourite trees out here in Vancouver. Mixed in with the sunset, we have ourselves a little recipe for perfection. With #stayhome being at its peak, Coal Harbour was definitely quieter than usual. Having all the necessities in my backpack, and keeping a safe distance from everyone, we walked along the sea wall to Second Beach for the sunset.

Stay safe everyone, and if you do go outside take good precaution to stay a safe distance from everyone. And if you don’t have to go outside, please stay in until this blows over.

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