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Craig and Laura's intimate Wedding, Edmonton, Alberta

This last Saturday was Craig and Laura's wedding. It was meant to happen in Vancouver, BC but with the whole pandemic putting a hold on the entire world and travels kept to a minimum, they decided to stay local. Saturday was a very special day, this specific date was their grandparent's wedding anniversary as well as a grandfather's birthday! Also, June 20, 2020, looks pretty cool!

It was a nice warm bright day in Edmonton, Alberta. Barely any cloud coverage and from the spot they had picked we could clearly see the downtown area. This was our first time in Edmonton during the summer and, oh boy! did I not expect all this pollen! With a few exchange of sweet words and the "summer snow" floating, tears were seen but I'm sure it was from the allergies. All joking aside, the vows that Craig and Laura exchanged were simply moving.

Since this is a COVID-19 Wedding, Craig had a funny idea to share a few corona beers. We then send the family to head home and we walked around downtown. I marvelled at the beautiful architecture that was around the city. After being shown around town we headed back to Craig and Laura's new home. They had recently moved throughout this quarantine, another exciting milestone worthy of celebration to be shared with those that mean the most. And of course, a wedding even during a pandemic wouldn't be the same without a first dance, so we put on their song they would have danced. Such a beautiful moment. A cake from Sugared & Spiced quickly followed. OMG was it delicious and gorgeous!

Congratulations again to Craig and Laura. I can't wait to see you guys next year to celebrate with the rest of the family.

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Corona Beers for a COVID-19 Wedding

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