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Here is our list of 5 Awesome locations for your Engagement session around Vancouver

Updated: May 12, 2023

As a big traveler myself and now residing in Vancouver, BC, I can say I live in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Seriously, everywhere around the world has epic scenery and something completely unique. Today though, we will be talking about some places I think make for some ideal locations of your engagement session. These won't be in any particular order as I think it really depends on you. All these options are all around Vancouver and I'm thinking of making a few different series of post showcasing a ton of spots so be on the look out for more! But I love some west coast vibes for your engagement session. Therefore,

1. Let's start this list with on of my favorite areas which offers a few locations to think about. Around West Vancouver/ North Vancouver. Only about 25 minutes away from town (without traffic!) we have Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver

2. Not to far away from Lighthouse Park is Whytecliff Park another unique spot that is very popular for a good reason!

3. Stanley Park is an awesome location only a few minutes away from the city and offers so much variety! Just take a look. This is an easy pick for a lot of couples!

4. Downtown Vancouver and everything around. From Canada place to Gastown. There's so many cool places to photograph. Secret spots all around that make for some great photos.

5. Granville Island. Not to far away from the Vancouver Downtown. This is cool spot with lots of graffiti walls. Good food and drinks afterwards. Lucky's donuts is a must try but also a fun spot for your engagement session.

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