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Adorable elopement in Tofino, BC

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Last weekend I was invited to Catherine and George’s elopement in Tofino! We had got into contact thank to one of their closest friends, Alissa, who helped them to find their ideal wedding photographer. From the very first moment we talked on the phone, I could tell this would be an awesome adventure in Tofino. They suggested I could bring Karla and jump into their car and ride along with them. This is a good 6 to 7 hours trip stuck together in a pretty confined space, yet a great opportunity to have a clue of how things would go this weekend. As they greeted us at my doorstep, warm and welcoming, I knew this was going to be an epic trip.

No doubt it was a trip for first times since decided to switch gears and see it for myself what the big fuss was about Sony camera, and what could be better than tried it at my first wedding in Tofino? So I packed the Sony A7rIII along with a standard 50mm 1.8 Sony lens. (Nothing too fancy! On my return from my trip I swapped for a 1.4 XD) and made our way from Tofino. I tested all of its features during the entire way, from Horseshoe bay‘s ferry terminal, all along the Strait of Georgia. Stopping by the gorgeous rainforest at Cathedral Grove with all those 800-year-old trees. Ending around 7 pm in Ucluelet next to Tofino. Catherine and George have travelled the world together to four different continents and multiple countries, but Tofino is the only place they’ve been twice now.

Saturday began with the best surprise ever! For days we were expecting rainfall; we had geared up with boots and all, even got out the night before to purchase emergency ponchos. All to be disappointed (obvious sarcasm) with beautiful blue skies and sun. Catherine picked us up and headed for Studio One Tofino. Funny enough, I have been only a few times now to Tofino and every time I stop at Tacofino. It was destiny that had side by side these two places. We jumped into the busy line for some tacos as Catherine had booked a two-hour makeup and hair. After a long wait, we came back with fresh tacos in our hands and started shooting.

When arriving at Long Beach, Tofino, Catherine had picked an easy spot where all her closest friends and family members could easily direct themselves. With tiki lights and an acoustic guitar player, it was easy to find the magic spot. We joined in a circle as adorable words were said and bubbles were blown for their first kiss. Seriously, everything about Saturday was awesome! The best place on earth for me has to be Tofino, BC. Every time I visit, it feels like a dream. Catherine and George were down for whatever I could think of for the photos, so we ventured out into the wild to capture amazing photographs around. We walked until it was getting dark coming back where everyone was waiting for the groom and bride with sparklers.

On our way back from such a beautiful weekend, we managed to catch the 8 pm ferry back to Vancouver. All their friends were already there. It seemed like the perfect ending to this adventure to Tofino. With a gorgeous sunset as we sailed to Vancouver. Nothing could have been more perfect for George and Catherine. This was definitely what the had been dreaming about. Salute to your new beginning.

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