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Noah + Samantha // Orpheum Theatre and Lighthouse park proposal

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

A beautiful proposal in Vancouver. When Noah told me about his proposal plans I was 100% in! For about a week we talked and got all the details down, the lighthouse park and The Orpheum theatre, since Noah and Samantha are living in San Francisco. I realized that Vancouver is a destination hotspot for proposals!

We arranged that I could take a couple session with Samantha so she wouldn't suspect a thing with me being the photographer. The plan was to shoot at the lighthouse park, we got there for the golden hour and I can't describe how everything come together so easily with these two! Through the images Noah and Samantha were perfectly authentic together, we can see the love they have for each other.

Noah arranged for a 3 piece jazz band that was ridiculous talented to play music in the Orpheum theatre and would invite Samantha to sing, her family would be upstairs on the balcony hidden and would surprise her. When Noah had mentioned this part to me I thought, wow! There both going to sing and after the a few songs he would propose. I was loving that idea! I had asked Samantha about her singing at the couples session the day before and she answered nothing special I sing in the shower. Come on. When she started singing I was blown away! I had a blast at this proposal. A beautiful theatre, amazing music and a bunch of lovely people. What more could I ask for! When Noah got up to join her I thought we are getting close to the big moment! She said yes!!

When I met Noah and Samantha I just knew they're the type of people I would have fun with and we had such a great time together! Congratulations again!! I can't wait to see how the wedding turns out!

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