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Pengfei + Daichi's UBS Farm Wedding, Vancouver

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

This weekend's wedding at UBC rose garden was definitely one for my books! After an amazing engagement session, it felt like Pengfei and Daichi's dream-come-true wedding was finally here. Vancouver skies cleared up from the late Friday night huge rainstorm and gave us not only a perfect day but a warm one. Summer is finally in full heat.

I met up quickly with Daichi where he was getting ready with his father that had just flown in from Tokyo, Japan. As we laughed around I could tell he was just as excited for the first look, so I headed out to see how Pengfei was doing and located the perfect spot of their first look.

I arrived at a fully naturally chaotic room, where Pengfei was finishing up in their apartment in the West end. I could tell she was getting very excited and nervous. I got them ready for the big revealing moment and we walked out of the apartment. There’s a beautiful little garden call Mole Hill, which very hidden next to the apartment in a back alley. I placed them and they made the magic happen.

The number of times I witnessed such adorable moments between them is outstanding. Throughout the whole day, they both enjoyed every moment together and you could see so much love! We then, headed out to "Kits" beach to meet with my brother Jeremy, who joined the fun this time, and we just had a blast with these two. When he pulled the finger gun, you know they want those hilarious photos. After making the cheesy bridal party photos we all love, it was the big moment we all waited.

Ok, seriously. These two had some of the sweetest vows. They were so nervous that Debbie, the officiant decided they should just kiss. The surprise they both had on their face thinking they couldn’t kiss until the end. I just wish I had the memo too. Daichi started with his vows with how they met. She needed help with her English and her teacher had a great student to pare with her, Daichi was perfect. This was their first year at the university. He tried multiple times to get her on a date until she finally decided she would give him a try. 6 years later here we are. They went on talking about all the adventures, and how they always supported each other.

And what a way to exit! I love this picture of the two of them walking away, their expressions are a perfect moment of relief from all their hard planning and work to make this day be what they imagined.

After these beautiful vows, let’s talk about her uncle's speech for a moment. I think this was a huge surprise to FeiFei. Her uncle had a letter dedicated to her from her dad and believe me. I’m not crying, you’re crying! He first read it in mandarin so original I had no idea what he was saying but it had made her tear up and again when he translated and put in a few of his own words. I can’t repeat all of the beautiful words that were said but hearing Pengfei and Daichi have made a new family here in Vancouver was so heart warming.

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