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Running at the golden hour - Golden Ears Park

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Seriously we were running in this session! Andrea and Cameron were my lucky winners from my Instagram contest! I couldn't have have picked a more awesome couple even if I wanted to. Right away I was able to see how friendly they were and we just talked like we were old high school friends. We had discussed capturing their couple session at Golden Ears Park. It literally is one of the most picturesque park around Vancouver. I decided to try and do their session around the golden hour and we all thought it was the best idea - until we got there. Our first heavenly sign that we thought it might not exactly work was the snow fall the previous night and then again when Andreya had the smart idea to look at the parks "IMPORTANT NOTICE" the park had on their website letting us know the Park road was closed due to windfall and snow! Yet, that didn't stop us and we were determined to do our session there. I told them we'll park our cars as far as we could and then walk to Allouette lake were we would do our session and then walk back. This would be our hike for the day!

As we arrived to the awesome horned goats at the entrance of the park we had hope but only a few minutes away were a set of beautiful yellow closed gate. We even tried talking to a park ranger in letting us drive up the road since Cameron had a big truck that definitely could of made it there. But there was just no way around it – we had to walk! It was a gorgeous sunny day and blue sky, it was a perfect way to start talking away. For more then an hour we talk away about nothing and everything until another park ranger drove right up to us informing us that finally the park was about to close and we would have our cars locked inside... he also informed us that the road would only worsen, that there was no chance of us making it to the lake and back in time! At that point I put my brain into gear and started having fun. I found a little path into the woods and that’s where we started. I could of kept shooting for hours, every little nook was offering me something different and unique to shoot. I wasn’t to worried since I was in Golden Ears Park and noticing a man and walking his dog. The idea that he also had to walk to his car gave me a good estimate for time. We barely had time to walk five feet before I would notice a patch of light or even a fallen tree. Up until we started looking a little closer to the time, we had already spend more time then expected and noticed we were behind on our time. We had to run. Like really run a good mile to catch up on time. I gripped onto my backpack full of gear and my light stand in other and for a while we just ran. Hoping that we wouldn’t be stuck for hours in the park waiting for security to unlock the gates. Surprisingly we even ran into the cute little dog before hopping into our cars and rushing out of the park! We stop meters after the gate closed and talked about finishing our session just a few miles away where there was this goregous view of the mountains and giving us a little more time with the sunset.

Congradulations again Andreya and Camero in your engagement. We had such a blast and it was an awesome and hilarious experience! Never thought I’d run so much with a couple before!

Andrea and Cameron at Golden Ears Park

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