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Secret Proposal on Granville Island

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Hello everyone! I am finally catching up on all the fun stuff I did over in 2018. I have so much to share. For the up-coming months it will be a mix of 2018 and more recent shoots!

Granville Island is such a beautiful area of Vancouver, Bc. It's hotspot for everyone to get photographed, therefore, when Joe approached me with his idea to propose on Granville island I couldn't have of been more excited. I had visited a few times but never had the chance to do some work there. We took a few days to plan everything out and what a day it was!

Arriving at the location discreetly I could tell Talia hadn't noticed I was a photographer or even noticed my presence! I slowly approached and cued with Joe when he would ask the big question. As I was getting even closer she was still in awe, it took a few minutes to register that I was there photographing! I could instantly tell how much love they had for one another.

After finally meeting both of the newly engaged we talked and walked around this gorgeous island. I got to really know both and we just laughed the whole time I was photographing. I am extremely excited to be photographing their wedding in 2020!

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